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Your Gal Kiwi

Holiday Rom-Com Roast Kit

Holiday Rom-Com Roast Kit

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Do you love cheesy holiday movies? Do you love roasting the shit out of those movies? Do you wish you could make someone else sit and play a game with you to roast those holiday movies? YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! 

Whether it's a date night in or a lady date with your friends - this kit includes two different movie bingo notepads that will help you roast the shit out of cheesy movies (with bingo squares like "shitty love triangle" and "absurd career path" and "big city gal"). 

To make it a whole event the kit includes:

  • Two 25-page bingo notepads
  • A bag of microwave popcorn
  • Movie theater candy to share
  • Two fun pens
  • Two fun bingo stamps
  • Two cute reusable straws
  • Two packs of hot drink mix (perfect to make a hot toddy)
  • Limited edition sticker
  • A 'lil surprise keepsake for bragging rights
  • Movie recommendations from Kiwi
  • Rules to play + scorecard sheet

Buy one for you & one to gift and save $9!

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